High Gloss Acrylic

  • Product is made in Italy.
  • 1.4 mm High Gloss Acrylic.
  • Both side Acrylic, Aesthetically more beautiful.
  • Highest gloss level, Mirror Shine reflection.
  • No orange peel and warp free.
  • Calibrated BWP Russian Birch Plywood.
  • Other Textures on Request.

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Cleaf was founded in the 1970’s, attempting to market wood-shaving panels to order. Cleaf has now achieved total control on the entire manufacturing chain of panels for furniture industry and for interior design.

A unique production plant, among the most innovative in the field, and to state of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Cleaf has acquired an exclusive and versatile know-how, essential for its market, ranging from melamine process, sectioning, profiling to its more recent technique of digital printing and thin melamine faced panel for doors.

Made in Cleaf means Made in Italy.The company’s mission is to constantly search for quality and exclusiveness in an item of furniture, through original and harmonious combinations of tactile and chromatic effects and patterns. Cleaf is seated in Brianza, world-leading district for furniture. Its privileged position, characterized by the proximity with other manufacturers and major brands, allows for the creation of huge synergies, the circulation of skills, the achievement of economies of scale. Quality, efficiency, research, sensitivity to markets and trends: a production profile driving a constant acknowledgement and the progressive penetration of international markets.

Product Range


The surface captures the language of nature, and expresses it in the signs and feelings of natural elements.

A specific manufacturing process allows the surface to feel smooth and polished, while still looking distinctly tridimensional.

Light reflexes emphasize its dynamic features, the natural look of wood grains and the interplay of touch and sight.


Inspired by the crude texture of industrial architecture typical of the urban context, ideal in their representation of essential contemporary architecture and interior design. The roughness of textural layers is kept alive and brought into relief, so as to allow a more articulate relationship with light. Ares’ rough surface plays with light, bringing to life ever-changing and surprising visual effects.



Inspired by the soft wood of red pines, Millennium features the very same, characteristically polished and textural quality, especially noticeable to the touch. The main trait of this new finishing is its foremost flaming look, creating intriguing visual effects with an unpredictable alternation of opaque and polished levels. The contrast makes for a truly remarkable and impactful decorative design.


New tactile and visual grains for the world of wood materials.

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