Aryamman Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is as an one-stop place for interior products required by the fast growing modular furniture industry. We place prominence on delivering client satisfaction at every stage of engagement, assisting alongside our clients to develop a value-engineered solution through exacting standards and detailed processes, deliver raw materials of the highest quality, on time and on budget. Whether you are looking for a complete interior solution or just a particular quality of raw material for furniture, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver each such requirement. Our specialized machineries have always been our USP for fulfilling your needs with custom made materials. Superior Quality Plywood in a comprehensive range to cater to every segment of the market. QuantiPly is a preferred choice of the leading modular furniture manufacture is due to its calibration, minimum core gaps, high density, strong bonding and most importantly undulation free. QuantiPly complies to the Mandatory BIS norms.



Quantiply BWP Club

This waterproof exterior grade plywood of good quality, manufactured with utmost care using modern technologies. Most of the OEM & interior designers prefer to use this plywood for making kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture. This Marine grade plywood is of an even better quality than BWP Red grade and is a preferred to be used in conditions where the plywood is sure to get a prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions such as even being submerged in water. It is an ideal choice for inside of Kitchens, Interiors of ships & boats and other such humidity exposed furniture.

Quantiply Laminates

In today’s fast paced life with expensive labours, a lami ply is the best solution to save time and money. Our latest introduction ‘Quanti lami ply’ is to cater for the ever changing needs of interior industry. This lami ply not only reduces your processing time but also ensures a high quality bubble free and wave free board since it’s pressed using the most advanced hot press technology. It can be available in all the grades and thicknesses in OSR and BSL. Ideal for carcasses & post lam shutters.

Quantiply MR

Quantiply MR is best suited for commercial usage in modern offices and residences looking for quick affordable furniture solutions as it increases durability, which means it’s more cost effective than any other ordinary ply. It’s an eco-friendly product made from selected imported and Indian hardwood species.

Quantiply BWP RED

This type of plywood can be used outside or at places exposed to moisture. Water-proof adhesives are used so making this ply ideal for all weather application. Usually kitchen cabinets, which are likely to get water exposure, are made using BWP (Boiling water Proof) grade plywood, which is a waterproof ply as it is resistant to boiling water, moisture, termite, insects and pests. It remains unaffected in spite of changing weather conditions, thus making it most preferred for the Indian weather.

Quantiply BWR RED

Quantiply BWR RED is a type of plywood that can be used to construct wardrobes and cupboards inside as they are termite proof and have no core gaps inside the plywood hence it stays strong for years. This is a one-of-a kind product best suited for today’s lifestyle. While they are manufactured, boiling water-resistant glue is used therefore it can resist a certain amount of water as well. These are fabricated to resist transit and the worst weather conditions. Their construction is much stronger as compared to the ordinary plywood from our competitors.

Quantiply Board

Quanti boards are manufactured using 100% seasoned SYP or New Zealand pine. These boards are undulating free due to Zero Gaps as they are manufactured with the latest technology machines & are also warp free hence ideal for Tall Units. Available in 16mm, apart from 19mm and 25mm. and BWR and BWP grades.

Quantiply Line

Quanti Line Laminates are manufactured using modified Phenol formaldehyde resin with a special molecular ratio which reduces the formaldehyde emission. Imported sanding machines ensure uniformity and well sanded surface for better adherence of the adhesives and more efficient use of the glue. These laminates are available in white and off whites, which are later used as liners in furniture.


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