Fenix NTM. Nano Technology Matt surfaces, now in India.

Fenix is a design innovation with Nano technology, which encompasses thermal repair of micro scratches, is anti- fingerprint with low light reflectivity and superlative opacity and is soft to touch. Fenix is an award winning product owing to the advance technology invested in its unique manufacturing processes which makes it unmatched.

Nano Technology material of Fenix NTM will transform interior design solutions for contemporary furniture needs.

The innovative breakthrough has been achieved by Arpa Industries by using their revolutionary technology to the interior design segment.

The dimensions of Fenix: 1 nanometer equals to 1 millionth of a millimeter when such dimensions are attained, the nano particles attain chemical and physical properties that have already been taken ascendancy to obtain surprising new materials.

The properties of FENIX– which include thermal reparability of micro scratches, anti-fingerprint, low-light reflection and superlative opacity, soft to the touch–were designed on a Nano metric scale to innovate state of the art matt surface materials.

70 % of Fenix comprises of layers of paper . The lamination process includes materials which are subjected to heat and pressure simultaneously in order to create Homogeneous, non-porous and high-density product.

The core constitutes of impregnated paper with thermosetting resins and the outer surface is treated with next-generation acrylic resins. The surface is then subjected to a process of Electron Beam Curing , which hardens it, giving it characteristics that makes it the most revolutionary and innovative product in the world of interior design.

FENIX's surface has low-light reflectivity and is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and pleasantly soft to the touch. FENIX also has the ability to regenerate from any superficial micro scratches thanks to its thermal-reparability, at makes it the most innovative Nano Technology Material.

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